Check Out This Candidate For Student Body President

Former NC State football player and all-around shithead Dwayne O’Rear is running for Student Body President at NC State.  Not only is he fat, stupid, and homophobic… he’s also a racist!

The public record of this presidential hopeful is riddled with gems.  Here’s a stirring conversation with some of his would-be constituents:

SBP Racist Full

More from O’Rear:

  •  “Just saw two dudes hug and kiss each other in the quad. Helllllllllll no!!!” 
  • This year during the UNC vs. UNC-Raleigh basketball game, he tweeted “Why is there a female commentator covering our game @espn?”
  • Here’s a perplexing one that evokes memories of Clayton Bigsby (O’Rear is half black):

“In November 2010, WRAL filmed a story about the “black out” at the Free Expression Tunnel in which African-American students blocked the tunnel to protest hate speech in it. O’Rear, who appears in the video, said, “If white people went down there … and didn’t let black people through, we’d be [called] racist.”

Update: O’Rear has hilariously decided to “John Edwards” this ordeal by denying everything.  He used the popular phone was hacked excuse, the slightly lesser well known many people have access to my facebook page – it’s really a community page and I don’t really post on there excuse, and to explain his homophobia he claimed “he has grown since his freshman year and now supports gay marriage”.  Yet as the Technician reports, this is “despite having made pro-Amendment One statements as Student Senate Liaison for Chandler Thompson and having posted a pro-Amendment One video on his Facebook last year”

Says the Technician, “We at Technician believe O’Rear’s “explanations” are wild fabrications.”

Update #2: O’Rear’s campaign manager quits, agrees with Technician about the “wild fabrications”.  Former manager Alex Canoutas told O’Rear:

“You just have to come clean and man up to your actions and not blame it on having your computer up. I told him, ‘That’s not true, you and I both know. I mean even the Technician knows that you personally know these are wild fabrications, and I agree with them. You’ve just got to man up and apologize.’”


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