Return of the Debbiemail

Debbie is at it again. After their loss to UNC in the ACC tournament, she emailed “a group of special Wolfpackers who are passionate about the ‘Pack” to let them know what she was doing about the perceived officiating bias against NC State.

When asked by the Greensboro News & Record, she would neither confirm nor deny that she had sent the message, saying she “cannot answer”.

“I am writing this response today to a group of special Wolfpackers who are passionate about the ‘Pack and who have contacted me.

Many of you have voiced a feeling of distrust for the fairness and impartiality of officiating as related to State basketball.

I wanted to share with you a few updates of our communications with the ACC office, since that is the single most often voiced question.

1. The Commissioner and I most recently met at the ACC Tournament in Atlanta. Before the Tournament, we talked by phone.

2. Regarding the ejection of two former players at the RBC and the initials of that official being on the shoes of officials throughout the opening game of the ACC Tournament, the Commissioner has heard clearly my concerns regarding these matters. As you know, the official was reprimanded and the Commissioner indicated that neither he nor the ACC director of officials was aware that having the initials on the shoes was going to happen.

3. We have begun addressing the widely held view of officiating inconsistencies in the unc game and will work with Coach Gottfried on that, once we get to a place where we have the ability to focus on it. Right now, we are preparing the film of missed calls/no calls to send to the Director of Officiating at the ACC for his review and feedback.

4. Coach Gottfried has no recollection of being cursed at by an official during the heat of the tournament game. I understand that two media sources tweeted that this occurred and I know the quote they attributed to the official. We will follow up with each media person to seek further details and then share all of that information with the ACC.

5. I have also addressed other issues with the conference such as the bb gun statement made by an opposing coach and the quote regarding how ACC officials “study team tendencies”, something that was disconcerting to a number of fans and to us.

I know you care deeply about your Wolfpack and want you to know that we are expressing our concerns. That is why I wanted to take time to share more detail with you today.

I am so pleased that through adversity we have played our way back into the NCAA Tournament where we belong. I am also proud of our dedicated fan base that is made up of terrific Wolfpackers like you.


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