Gary Williams “Sabotaged the Search”!

Also State hired a basketball coach.

On the heels of Debbie Yow whiffing on multiple coaching targets, today she lambasted Gary Williams, accusing him of sabotaging the search. Unfortunately this rant awkwardly occurred during the introductory press conference for newly named head coach Mark Gottfried.  Gee, he must feel special.

yow and gottfried

Debbie Yow complains about Gary Williams sabotaging her search while her “first choice” coach awkwardly looks on.

Gottfried is a good fit for nc state for several reasons.  He’s a man in need of a second chance: his coaching stint at Alabama ended in 2009 after poor results and allegations of an affair with a student.  He needs money, having lost over $300 thousand in a ponzi scheme.  He’s also a longtime family friend of none other than… Debbie Yow.  So… they spent 95k for a search firm that resulted in multiple embarrassing rejections and ultimately they found a guy she’s known for 25+ years?  Good lord woman.

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