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College Gameday Video Goes Wayyy Behind the Scenes

Excitement ran wild in Raleigh this weekend as ESPN’s College Gameday was in town to witness NC State hosting UNC.  One State fan was so excited he decided to make a video of College Gameday at PNC Arena in order to hype up the fans.  And nothing hypes up state fans like… awkward footage of guys pissing in the arena bathrooms?

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He has since removed the video, but thanks to this screengrab his inexplicable decision to record/edit/upload that content in the first place will live on forever.

On the bright side, state fans now seem to be doing their peeing in the bathrooms, and not in the stands.


Carter Finley Stadium: Urine for a Real Treat


Ever find yourself in need of a bathroom at football games?  Tired of walking up stairs and waiting in lines?  Ever wish you could just … piss on the back of the guy standing in front of you?  no??  oh… right, that would be fucking disgusting if people were pissing in the stands at a football game.

Well, that didn’t stop state fans from marking their territory during Saturday’s game against Boston College.