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College Gameday Video Goes Wayyy Behind the Scenes

Excitement ran wild in Raleigh this weekend as ESPN’s College Gameday was in town to witness NC State hosting UNC.  One State fan was so excited he decided to make a video of College Gameday at PNC Arena in order to hype up the fans.  And nothing hypes up state fans like… awkward footage of guys pissing in the arena bathrooms?

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He has since removed the video, but thanks to this screengrab his inexplicable decision to record/edit/upload that content in the first place will live on forever.

On the bright side, state fans now seem to be doing their peeing in the bathrooms, and not in the stands.


Rodney Purvis Cleared to Play

rodney purvis

5-star basketball recruit Rodney Purvis was cleared by the NCAA to play for state this year.  Questions about Purvis’ eligibility arose in regards to his high school: Upper Room Christian Academy.  Purvis’ graduating class of 4 students was the first class to attend the recently created high school.  Prior to high school, Purvis had reclassified into the 2013 class, but after his freshman year he reclassified again back into the 2012 class allowing him to finish high school in only three years.

The NCAA requires incoming student athletes to complete 16 core courses.  Purvis was credited with completing….  8 …. one of which was an online course.

Luckily for Purvis (and nc state), the NCAA approved a waiver to the 16 course minimum legislation due to “unique circumstances”.

Update: Rodney Purvis’ graduating class at Upper Room Christian Academy, the first class to graduate from the high school, will also be the last.  The high school has closed down reportedly due to a “lack of funding”.

Return of the Debbiemail

Debbie is at it again. After their loss to UNC in the ACC tournament, she emailed “a group of special Wolfpackers who are passionate about the ‘Pack” to let them know what she was doing about the perceived officiating bias against NC State.

When asked by the Greensboro News & Record, she would neither confirm nor deny that she had sent the message, saying she “cannot answer”.

“I am writing this response today to a group of special Wolfpackers who are passionate about the ‘Pack and who have contacted me.

Many of you have voiced a feeling of distrust for the fairness and impartiality of officiating as related to State basketball.

I wanted to share with you a few updates of our communications with the ACC office, since that is the single most often voiced question.

1. The Commissioner and I most recently met at the ACC Tournament in Atlanta. Before the Tournament, we talked by phone.

2. Regarding the ejection of two former players at the RBC and the initials of that official being on the shoes of officials throughout the opening game of the ACC Tournament, the Commissioner has heard clearly my concerns regarding these matters. As you know, the official was reprimanded and the Commissioner indicated that neither he nor the ACC director of officials was aware that having the initials on the shoes was going to happen.

3. We have begun addressing the widely held view of officiating inconsistencies in the unc game and will work with Coach Gottfried on that, once we get to a place where we have the ability to focus on it. Right now, we are preparing the film of missed calls/no calls to send to the Director of Officiating at the ACC for his review and feedback.

4. Coach Gottfried has no recollection of being cursed at by an official during the heat of the tournament game. I understand that two media sources tweeted that this occurred and I know the quote they attributed to the official. We will follow up with each media person to seek further details and then share all of that information with the ACC.

5. I have also addressed other issues with the conference such as the bb gun statement made by an opposing coach and the quote regarding how ACC officials “study team tendencies”, something that was disconcerting to a number of fans and to us.

I know you care deeply about your Wolfpack and want you to know that we are expressing our concerns. That is why I wanted to take time to share more detail with you today.

I am so pleased that through adversity we have played our way back into the NCAA Tournament where we belong. I am also proud of our dedicated fan base that is made up of terrific Wolfpackers like you.


State 0-3 against UNC for the Season

In the ACC Tournament, with a chance of beating Carolina (aka nc state’s superbowl) on the line, late game blunders conspired to send the wolfpackers home disappointed once again.  Coach Gottfried lost count of CJ Leslie’s fouls, allowing the star player to foul out early in the second half.  Then Alex Johnson and Lorenzo Brown teamed up for this faux pas:


Justin Watts is all smiles

Gary Williams “Sabotaged the Search”!

Also State hired a basketball coach.

On the heels of Debbie Yow whiffing on multiple coaching targets, today she lambasted Gary Williams, accusing him of sabotaging the search. Unfortunately this rant awkwardly occurred during the introductory press conference for newly named head coach Mark Gottfried.  Gee, he must feel special.

yow and gottfried

Debbie Yow complains about Gary Williams sabotaging her search while her “first choice” coach awkwardly looks on.

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Debbie Yow Sends Email to Wolfpack Club

In the midst of a rather embarrassing coaching search, in which state has been repeatedly turned down by prominent coaches including Sean Miller, Shaka Smart, and Gregg Marshall, nc state athletic director Debbie Yow sent a tragically hilarious email to the Wolfpack Club in what was presumably an effort to reassure the fanbase:

Dear Wolfpack Family,

I am writing to share with you the status of the search for our new head coach for men’s basketball. There have been telephone conversations with successful coaches that did not develop into meetings — sometimes because we did not wish to pursue those coaches further and sometimes because the coach involved is happy where he is.

The conversations have been candid. We have not tried to sugarcoat the challenge of rebuilding our basketball program. Our absence for 5 consecutive years from the NCAA Tournament was noted by each coach as evidence that the program is in poor shape and will require a special effort to rebuild.

Finding a coach with the fight and fire to do this job has been a challenge. That said, we will find an excellent college coach who shares the vision of what State Basketball can become and is up for the challenge.

I realize there are multiple rumors surfacing about the nature of the search on websites and in newspapers. Once our new coach is hired, I will be in a position to bring perspective to a number of those rumors. But, right now, we need to remain focused on finding a talented collegiate coach who is a fighter, full of confidence and appreciation for the opportunity to lead our basketball program back to national prominence.

That will happen in spite of those who believe this cannot occur.

Wolfpack Basketball is destined for a revival. We will accept no less. Please keep the faith while we continue the search. Your emails and text messages of support have meant everything to me. I am blessed to be your AD.

In the Spirit of the Pack,


Bless their hearts… and lol@state

NC State Poet Laureate: CJ Leslie

From Deadspin

“Don’t ask how, but we got our hands on one of NCSU freshman star forward C.J. Leslie’s class assignments. It’s spectacular. It must be shared with the world.

English 289, Poetry Writing, offers “class critiquing of student work and instruction in techniques of poetry.” After reading this, we think Leslie needs to instruct the world in techniques of poetry. We present an exercise in free verse, titled “She Finally Came.””

CJ Leslie Poem Full