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Mark Gottfried’s Custom Shoes

Mark Gottfried was awfully proud of the new custom shoes that Adidas made for him. But in typical NC State fashion, they managed to screw it up by making them both hideously ugly, and by using a version of the block S logo that was replaced over 10 years ago.

Directly from NCSU’s trademark site on primary marks:

Wrong Logo

Dave Doeren Showers With Mr. Wuff?

Well, the ‘ol Wolpfack marketing department is at it again with a video promoting National Signing Day that is so perfectly NC State.

This time at least it isn’t a fan filming people in the bathroom. Instead it’s Dave Doeren stripping down to get in the shower while Wagon Wheel plays in the background. Then when he’s done showering, Mr. Wuff is standing next to him with a fax machine and a towel and gives him a thumbs up. It’s part creepy, part classic NCStateLOL.

Whose State?

In a year where their football team has lost to Wake, Carolina, and Duke, NC state’s basketball team has added their own contribution to the hilariously ill-conceived “our state” campaign:

eagles v state

N.C. State adds Whittenburg to Gottfired’s coaching staff

Harmless typo or Freudian slip? The Winston-Salem Journal made an unfortunate spelling error while reporting about the hiring of Dereck Whittenburg to the basketball coaching staff at NC State.

N.C. State adds Whittenburg to Gottfired’s coaching staff   Winston Salem Journal  Basketball

Whittenberg most recently coached at Fordham from 2003-2010, where he led the Rams to a stellar 69-121 record. However he is most famous for his airball in the 1983 NCAA Championship game, which led to Lorenzo Charles’ game winning dunk.

He was hired to the position of Senior Assistant Head Coach Senior Assistant TO the Head Coach.

UCLA Interested in Gottfried?

trumpetbutt gottfried UCLA

Shoutout to trumpetbutt on IC for the photoshop job

If this is true and the UCLA boosters really want Gottfried, it would be a headscratcher.  They fired Howland for doing exactly what Gottfried has done this year (and everywhere he’s been): underachieve with a talented team. Also there is Gottfried’s “amorous” reputation to consider – a reputation one packpride moderator referred to as “the worst kept secret in Raleigh”.

NC State: 2013 ACC Tournament Champs!

NC State Champs Shirt

NC State No.1 T-Shirt

From SI,

“N.C. State, the preseason pick to win the ACC, finished 11-7 in the league and enters this week’s conference tournament as the No. 5 seed.

Yet the Raleigh school’s confidence is clearly still high.

On Monday night, N.C. State’s official online store listed two different “2013 ACC Champions” shirts featuring the Wolfpack logo — commemorating the team’s victory in a tournament that doesn’t even tip off until Thursday.”