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Abort!! Abort!!!

LOL. After state’s plagiarism of ECU’s midfield logo blew up in their faces in classic ncstatelol fashion, they have decided the day before their game against ECU to abandon the idea and destroy the evidence.


After Carolina players got a good laugh on the logo following their November 2nd victory at Carter-Finley, lord only knows what the actual victims of state’s plagiarism would have done in a victory celebration. Clearly, that was a situation that state wanted desperately to avoid.

Yow Responds to “Our State” Marketing Disaster

NC State’s hilarious “This is Our State” marketing campaign, an idea plagiarized from Mississippi State, has become even more comical in a year where their athletic teams have lost to nearly every other program in the state, including an 82-72 home defeat to NC Central on Wednesday.

ABC11’s Mark Armstrong reached out to Debbie for her thoughts on the marketing department’s latest colossal backfire:

Here is the text of the following tweets:
“The history is it was meant as a tribute to our fans, who span the mountains to the seashores of NC. Others saw it as a statement of dominance in competition and still others saw it as simply a play on our name, State.” As for whether a run of disappointing results would maybe result in a change of tack? “The marketing staff discusses themes each Spring, so we just are not there yet. I do not know what they will recommend.”

Whose State?

In a year where their football team has lost to Wake, Carolina, and Duke, NC state’s basketball team has added their own contribution to the hilariously ill-conceived “our state” campaign:

eagles v state

UCLA Interested in Gottfried?

trumpetbutt gottfried UCLA

Shoutout to trumpetbutt on IC for the photoshop job

If this is true and the UCLA boosters really want Gottfried, it would be a headscratcher.  They fired Howland for doing exactly what Gottfried has done this year (and everywhere he’s been): underachieve with a talented team. Also there is Gottfried’s “amorous” reputation to consider – a reputation one packpride moderator referred to as “the worst kept secret in Raleigh”.

“This Place is Unreal Bro!”


“WHAT UP Big Time?!!” Reading like a bad unbelievably terrible Under Armor commercial, this NC State recruiting letter leaves no doubt that the new football staff will fit in perfectly at UNC-Raleigh. Perhaps the most embarrassing part is that while this is meant to come across as a personalized, hand-written letter, the cut-off letters on the left side clearly show this is a photocopy.  wow… lol@state

Update: Another recruit has posted his identical copy.



These letters seem to be getting everywhere.  Check these out for more hilarity:

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